About Us

Welcome guys! I am Anna. I am a marketing consultant who is passionately engaged in keeping a close watch on how businesses are run and improved constantly.

The Internet is taking everything and everyone by storm! Each new day introduces some existing business somewhere to the worldwideweb.

My blog here will talk about how the Australia’s favourite businesses moved to an online forum and are doing extremely well. Acquiring new customers and migrating old customers to the new forum are the immediate challenges of the new business that has moved to an online platform.

I have noticed often that many ventures don’t take up to the internet for the fear of losing their loyal customer base. I suggest my clients who have such fears to establish an online presence first and slowly but steadily start making efforts to shift their present customer base to the online platform.

I am more than happy that many firms are doing great. So this site is going to be all about such success stories, some challenges and few ideas.

Hope you enjoy my blog!